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Authors: Fred Eichler

Fred Eichler owns and runs Fulldraw Outfitters of Trinidad, Colorado, one of the biggest hunting operations in the West. He regularly guides hunters on antelope, elk, mule deer, bear, mountain lion and turkey adventures. An outdoorsman with over 20 years of experience, his passions include wildlife photography, writing, and bowhunting. Fred's articles and photos are featured in Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, North American Hunter, Outdoor Life, and Traditional Bowhunter magazines. Just in August 2007, Fred took a 12 1/2 year old ram to complete his 20-year quest to harvest all 28 North American Big Game species with his recurve. Bowhunters recognize the Super Slam as the "Everest" of their sport.

Look for Fred on the Outdoor Channel on Easton Bowhunting TV with Host Fred Eichler. Fred is on the pro-staff of Easton, Realtree, Muzzy, Palmer Traditional Bows, Robinson Outdoors and Double Bull Blinds. Fred is a current member of the Outdoor Writers Association, the Colorado Bowhunters Association, Professional Bowhunters Society, Pope and Young Club and the NRA.

"I have looked up to Fred Eichler and his archery skills for a long time. The bottom line he is a hunting machine. I think the reason Fred has been successful is because he is a student as well as a teacher. From his outfitting services to his never-quit attitude while hunting, Fred never does anything less than 100 percent."
—Michael Waddell, Host, Realtree Road Trips

"Fred Eichler is the real deal. Nobody hunts harder or with more enthusiasm and knowledge than Fred. When he talks about bowhunting for Western big game, he has something worthwhile to say, and all bowhunters, whether beginners or veterans, should pay attention. They can learn from Fred Eichler."
—Dwight Schuh, Editor, Bowhunter magazine

"I have had the pleasure of sharing a campfire with Fred, listening, laughing, and learning during several of his seminars and enjoying his incredible TV shows. I have also had the opportunity to work with Fred professionally and personally. Integrity, honesty, and an incredible passion are some of the qualities that I have seen in every aspect of Fred’s life. Fred Eichler is one of the few in our sport whom we can all look up to and be proud that he is one of our true bowhunting celebrities!"
—Bruce Cull, President, National Field Archery Association

"This book is a must-read for every bowhunter. Fred Eichler’s entertaining and fun-loving style reflects his personality and his unending passion for bowhunting. His skills and knowledge are based on years of experience, dedication, and success."
—Jay Dart, President, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

"Being on a guided hunt with Fred is a great experience. He knows the terrain and he knows the animals, which goes a long way to improve the chances of success. The fun just continues when you get back to hunting camp. Fred is always energized and excited for the hunt, not to mention that he always has a story or two to constantly keep me entertained and laughing. No matter what happens, you are always in for a good time with Fred."
—Greg Easton, President, Easton Technical Products, Inc.

"As an editor, I have spent 20 years reading, editing, and working with manuscripts on all things related to bowhunting. Fred Eichler’s writing, in a nutshell, is refreshing. And even though I may never have the opportunity to experience many of the exciting, heart-pounding bowhunts that Fred has, I have been able to experience them vicariously through his writings."
—T.J. Conrads, Editor/Publisher, Traditional Bowhunter magazine

Titles by Fred Eichler

Bowhunting Western Big Game Bowhunting Western Big Game
Share a master guide's bowhunting secrets and tactics to successful bowhunting big game in the Rocky Mountains.

This exciting new addition to the Save Our Heritage line of books with the Archery Trade Association is available now!
$ 22.95
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